Live Casino Legend Evolution Gaming introduced its one of the unique products called Lightning Dice, a member of Lightning series. It is surely beyond doubt that Evolution Gaming makes an indelible impression with their one of the latest great hits where tradition meets innovation in Lightning version.

On top of that Lightning Dice game has a lot to offer! This game catches not only table game players’ fancy. Moreover, bingo and slot funs show great interest in uniquely designed simple yet quite entertaining Lightning Dice Game that contains multipliers of up to 1000x.

Likewise, other Lightning game series User Interface is sophisticated. The studio is designed with black and gold decorations and Professional Live Dealers are presenting the game in an electrifying virtual environment. 


The Basic Rules of Dice Game

Of course, the Dice Game is all about luck!  A dice has six sides and each side is having the same possibility to fall face up. 

Lightning Dice is played with three dice of face value 1 to 6. These three dice are dropped into a transparent Lightning Tower and being rolled so what you need to do is to predict the total sum of the 3 dice and bet on the probable outcome/s of 3 dice being rolled. Having said that, the eventuality of a total sum of 3 dice is on 16 spots from 3 up to 18. 

For instance, three dice are dropped into the Lightning Tower and rolled. Dices fall face up as 3, 4 and 2 so that the sum of the outcome of all 3 dice will be 3+4+2=9 which is the winning number. There is more than that, if the winning number is amongst the Lightning numbers, the winning amount will be multiplied accordingly. 


And Lightning with x1000 Multiplier Takes Over

Evolution Gaming spices up one of the oldest traditions with a new gaming experience with a Lightning session. 

Just right after betting time is over in each game round lightning randomly strikes the squares and some random one or more “Lightning Numbers” will be boosted to lucky multipliers of x10, x100 up to x1000.

A Dice Game does not have a particular strategy, and no way to guess the outcome of a game. Yet, thanks to the lightning section of the game players could get crazy winning amounts multiplied up to x1000, if they bet on one of the possible results.



The payoff range is depending on the betting amount the player has placed on the bet spot of the choice and if it has any lucky multiplier on it. If there is no multiplier, the standard payout is applied and the bet of the player will be added on the top of the winning amount. 

  • Total 3 or 18 : 149 – 999:1
  • Total 4 or 17 : 49 – 499:1
  • Total 5 or 16 : 24 – 249:1
  • Total 6 or 15 : 14 – 99:1
  • Total 7 or 14 : 9 – 99:1
  • Total 8 or 13 : 6 – 49:1
  • Total 9 or 12 : 5 – 49:1
  • Total 10 or 11 : 4 – 49:1


Modernizing the Dice Game experience is a highly clever idea which has drawn intense interest by players, and it proves that it meets players expectations while making use of tradition. As always, a revolutionized and flawless Live Casino Experience is provided by Evolution Gaming. Therefore, they always succeed to make their players feel special in a fantastic casino environment.

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