Evolution Gaming doubles the excitement with the new live double ball roulette game. As you can imagine there is now two balls instead of one. Everything else is the same. The wheel, the table layout are all the same, but with wider variety of betting options. As there are two balls, you double chance of winning, but of course with lesser payout ratios. But if you want to increase the payout, you can also bet on both balls. This has lower chance, but higher payouts. For example, if you correctly guess the numbers for both balls you get payout rate of 1:1300. So there are two versions of betting:

Inside Bet
Inside Bet

Betting inside of the table: This is pretty straightforward and rules are the same with traditional roulette. You basically bet on the numbers only inside table and if any balls hit the number you have guessed, you win. However, the payouts are lower than traditional rates as the chance of winning is doubled due to two balls.

Outside Bet
Outside Bet






Betting outside of the table: This is the exclusive part of the new double ball roulette, because you are betting on both balls. So, if you bet on odd, both balls must land on odd numbers for you to win. These are called as Gold Bets as you can win much more than traditional roulette. The outside bet is also coloured in golden colors on betting table. Here you can either select a number out of the racetrack and wait for both balls to land on the number you have selected and/or you can bet on the outer table such as odd, even, red, red-black, black, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 1-18, and 19-36 bets or to the columns.



The Payout rates for outside bets are as follows:

Column 8:1 Straight Up 17:1
Dozen 8:1 Split 8:1
Red 3:1 Street 5:1
Black 3:1 Corner 3.5:1
Red/Black 1:1 Line 2:1
Even 3:1
Odd 3:1
1-18 3:1
19-36 3:1
Two balls on any number 35:1
Two balls on the same number 1300:1
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