Ohh those nostalgic days.. The days we used to play Monopoly simply with dice on the table. However, now Monopoly, one of the oldest board games, can be played anywhere, anytime across the world.

It is surely beyond doubt that Monopoly the world’s one of the most popular board games could be invented in a Live Game version with a fascinating Casino Show environment only by the leader Online Casino provider Evolution Gaming. 

As soon as Monopoly Live released, it became one of the big hits of Evolution Gaming. Players have a chance to get massive winnings by huge multipliers from the Money Wheel, and to enjoy the visual feast at the uniquely designed action packed Live Casino entertainment.

Simply; the money wheel will be spun by a live game host accompanied by virtual Mr. Monopoly who sits beside and ready to take an action and if the wheel is stopped at the segment that you bet on then you win!  But let’s look into the money wheel closely to see the betting options.

Let’s Roll the Fresh Money Wheel at the Live Casino!

 This non stop spun wheel is here to make you win and enjoy the time you spend at the Online Live Casino. Nevertheless, this wheel has so much to offer as multiplier bonus games to qualified players where Mr Monopoly gets on the stage. 

Segments of the money wheel:

A vertical wheel contains 54 segments that are divided equally by pins and one fixed stopper as pointer marks. There are 4 main results in a Monopoly Live wheel and segmentation of these outcomes are here below; 

  • 22 of these segments are numbered 1
  • 15 of these segments are numbered 2
  • 7 of these segments are numbered 5
  • 4 of these segments are numbered 10

But not limited to this, there are other sections available on the wheel to place your bets which 3 of these segments are 2 ROLLS and 1 of these segments is 4 ROLLS as well as 2 of these segments are CHANCE segments. 

Basically the aim of the game is to predict on which number of the segment the wheel is going to stop. 

If the wheel stops on either 2 ROLLS, 4 ROLLS or CHANCE segments, and players who placed a bet on the outcome, they have much more opportunities to win big amounts! 

Take the CHANCE at Money Wheel of Monopoly Live

Of course as well as the other games Monopoly Live game is a game of LUCK! Imagine that the wheel stops on CHANCE ( which players cannot place a bet on ). 

Here is where you will see Mr. MONOPOLY in action. Mr. MONOPOLY will present a Chance card. The feature of this card is that it offers a great opportunity to players to boost their winnings by attaching either a cash prize or multiplier bonus on the next spin.


Option 1: If the Chance card is presenting a Cash Prize, then each player is awarded with the cash amount shown on the card.

Option 2: If the Chance card is presenting a Multiplier Bonus, it means that will be used on the next spin. I.e., all bets of the players will remain in the bet spot, the host of the game will make a new spin the wheel, shown multiplier will be applied to the winnings for the next spin. If the player gets another multiplier again, the multiplier will be multiplied! 

How to Participate in the BONUS ROUND?

In order to take place in the bonus round you should make a bet on either 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS. Bonus game starts if the wheel stops on either 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS segments. Having said that, when the Bonus Round goes into action, Mr. Monopoly goes on a journey in a virtual 3D world including many offers such as prizes, multipliers,more rolls.

This part of the game makes it very special. Here you will see Mr. Monopoly, taking a number of steps around the Monopoly board equal to the sum of a pair dice that are rolled in the live studio. Wherever he stops, the prize of the square he stopped on will be added and greatly increases players’ ( who are qualified for the bonus round ) winnings depending on the players stake. 

  • 2 ROLLS: Mr Monopoly will roll the dice twice
  • 4 ROLLS:  Mr Monopoly will roll the dice 4 times. 

  If rolled dices are a doublet, then players will get an extra free dice roll. Prices of the Bonus round depend on the property Mr. Monopoly lands on. Same as the original board game, each property pays out differently for instance, hotels, houses, utilities, free parking, taxes etc… 

When all dice rolls are used then the bonus round is over and players get their winnings on the top of their initial bets. After all, the main game continues. 

If a player did not make a bet on one of the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, the player will be able to watch the bonus round however, will not get any prize. 


  • Number 1 segment pays: 1:1
  • Number 2 segment pays: 2:1
  • Number 5 segment pays: 5:1
  • Number 10 segment pays: 10:1
  • CHANCE segment pays: Random cash price or Multiplier
  • 2 ROLLS & 4 ROLLS pays: Up to €500,000


To put it simply, the exciting factor of Monopoly Live is effectual visual art in 3D animation and its generous bonus games which contain great multipliers, prices and much more besides. Monopoly Live, one of the latest hits of Evolution Gaming, is offering you a stunning Live Casino experience so do not miss your chance and enjoy the show!

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