Innovative live casino provider Evolution Gaming has launched Evolution Live Dragon Tiger, which is one of its brand-new games. It might be said that Dragon Tiger is the easiest  card game on casinos. And one game tour takes only 25 seconds. When combined with the stunning environment of Evolution Gaming studios and synchronized visual effects up to game results, it is inevitable for players to stay engaged. Also statistics and “roads” similar to Baccarat offers attraction to both new starters and experts.


Evolution Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is usually defined as two-card version of Baccarat, and it is very popular among Asian players.  Popularity of Dragon Tiger is gradually growing around the globe. It also help Live Casinos to get more income thanks to its easiness and multiplayer scalability. If you like playing Baccarat, you will definitely admire Evolution Live Dragon Tiger. It is fast and simple. You will just bet on which card you think will be highest or whether game will end up in a tie.


Evolution Live Dragon Tiger offer an optional side bet. It is called Tie Bet. If the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in rank, regardless of suit, and you have also placed a Tie Bet, half of your Main Bet is paid to you and your Tie Bet wins 11:1.Another optional side bet on Evolution Live Dragon Tiger is Suited Tie Bet. If the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in both rank and suit (e.g two seven of Clubs) and you have placed a Suited Tie Bet, half of your  Main Bet is paid to you and your Suited Tie Bet wins 50:1. Since Dragon Tiger is played with a shoe having eight decks of cards, same-suit ties are possible.

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