What a unique fusion of Lottery and Bingo! The Game called Mega Ball has just freshly been released to the market for Evolution Casino players. This game show is presented by the professional live game presenters in an incandescently designed colorful studio with a ball drawing machine containing 51 colorful numbered balls and is a very entertaining show game. Mega Ball is quite easy to play. If you are familiar with bingo and lottery then you will get the logic of Mega Ball. 

How To Start Playing Live  Mega Ball?

First of all, to participate in the draw players need to buy a packet of cards online. Live Mega Ball cards are purchased up to 200 cards before each draw session in units of 1, 10, 15, and 25. So that, the value of the bet will be identified according to the value that your set of a card can be between a minimum of €0.1 and a maximum of €100 for a card and the total number of the card that you buy. For instance, if you set €0.10 for a card and bought 200 cards, the total value of the bet will be €20. 


  • What Is A Mega Ball Card?


Each card consists of a 5×5 square oriented that gives a chance to win up to 12 payable lines on and contains 24 randomly selected numbers with a free square in the center which is considered marked off as the winning space.


  • How To Change A Card Value?


More card packets can be bought after the first card unit is bought as well as the value of the card can be adjusted during betting time is open. The  adjusted value will be applied to all of the cards. 


  • How To Change The Numbers On The Cards?


Once cards are purchased, they will be displayed on the screen. Players can zoom in on any individual cards whenever they want. Should you change the number/s on any specific card you will be able to do it during the counting down. You just need to zoom in on that specific card and tap the ‘REFRESH NUMBERS’ button until you are happy with the selection of the numbers. 

How Does Live Mega Ball  Main Draw Work?

  • When betting time is over, the live draw begins. Each session is very quick, and 20 random balls out of 51 are drawn from the ball drawing machine like a lottery style. 
  • When the drawn individual numbers are matching with them on your cards, it will be automatically marked. 
  • While balls are drawn, the user interface will reorganize the cards and the one which has a better chance of winning will be shown first. 
  • Also, the list of needed numbers will be highlighted above the cards to complete the lines.
  • Once the main draw is completed, a Mega Ball Bonus Draw takes over.

Live Mega Ball Bonus Draw

  • This is the round which will increase the winning to further. At this session up to two randomly selected multipliers between 5x and 100x might boost your winning card payout. 
  • Even the user interface is increasing the excitement by highlighting the numbers needed to win.  
  • Firstly, a multiplier is drawn in the studio between 5x and  100x value range
  • Secondly, Mega Ball Bonus number is drawn from the remaining 31 balls in the ball drawing machine.
  • Here we go! If the drawn final number completes any line on one of the cards then, the payout will be multiplied by the multiplier.
  • And if it is the lucky session and the 2nd Mega Ball will be drawn, and the 2nd number also completes a winning line on the same card, the payout is multiplied by the higher one. If Mega Ball finalizes a line on a card the winning amount of the player will be multiplied by the multiplier with a chance of winning up to 1,000,000x.




There are 12 payable 3 different lines directions like in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Live Mega Ball payouts are made per card. More completed lines on the cards give a better payout. 

  • 6+ Lines: 9,999 – 999,999 : 1
  • 5 Lines: 999 – 99,999 : 1
  • 4 Lines: 249 – 24,999 : 1
  • 3 Lines: 49 – 4,999 : 1
  • 2 Lines: 4 – 499 : 1
  • 1 Line: 1x (push) – 99 : 1

Please bear in mind that the maximum payout of a player’s all winning in a game session is limited. 



Live Mega Ball game is a fast paced and astonishing game. There is no single moment that a player could feel frustrated due to the time that one round takes. This game is designed with an intelligent user interface. Players can see the options of payouts according to lines, ball history, the cards with matched numbers, and the numbers needed to win. Moreover, the entertainment is boosted with a live game presenter in a well designed studio. What a show!

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