Evolution Gaming enriches the traditional blackjack with several side betting opportunities, Blackjack side bets. It enhances the fun and gives you more options to bet to increase your chance of winning. Each player has given the chance to bet on the side bet slots before the cards are dealt. Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack Side Bets offer the combination of Blackjack and multiple games together.


Perfect Pairs side bet gives you the chance of winning additional payouts depending on the first two card dealt by the dealer.  The winning pairs can be Mixed, Coloured or a Perfect Pair with a payout of 6-12-25, respectively. Mixed pairs are the same numbers but different colors, e.g. 6 ♠ and 6 ♥. Coloured pairs are both number and the color of the card holds, e.g. 6 ♠ and 6 ♣. A perfect pair is when both cards in front of you are identical, e.g. 6 ♠ and 6 ♠. This is possible as the Blackjack in the big casinos is played with at least 6 decks.

21+3 BET

Another side bet offered by Evolution Gaming is called 21+3. This is one of the most commonly played side bets among the blackjack players. This option turns the game into a combination of Blackjack and the Three-Card Poker. Your cards are comprised of the two cards at your hand plus the dealer’s open card. So, you bet to get a good hand in Three-Card Poker with the initial cards on the table and also beat the dealer in blackjack. The payout rates of 21+3 Blackjack side bet are as follows:

21+3 Side Bet Payout
Suited three of a kind 100
Straight flush 40
Three of a kind 25
Straight 10
Flush 5
5 (100%) 573 votes